The Dark Horse International Distribution System explained.

17 07 2010
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There are four components to the DarkHorse distribution system.  “The storage,” “the distribution,” “the product listing” and finally but not the least important “marketing“.  The components that distinguish the Dark Horse system from other distribution systems out there are it is… low-priced, flexible, and scalable.  Taken individually each of the service does exactly what it is intended to do.  However, the entire package of all four services are synergisticly working together to sell more of your product.   The DarkHorse distribution system will provide your customers with a seemless buying experience so you don’t have to worry about getting paid.  The low price of all the services make it totally affordable for even the smallest business to make a profit, and with the new technologies available out there you can scale-up your business virtually over-night.   So whether you are a start-up with one great product or a large established company with thousands of products you can plug-in to the DarkHorse System and get the exact same service.  Furthermore, you don’t have to hassle yourself with the day-to-day operations of satisfying your customer.  You can leave that to DarkHorse.  All you do is sit back and let the Dark Horse Agent take care of it for you. 

The DarkHorse Storage advantage.  We specialize in distributing products that are sensitive and hard to store like natural, biological, and even medical products.  Therefore, rather than explain your highly specialized handling requirements to a standard storage and distribution company.  You can simply count on Dark Horse Storage to do it correctly because we totally understand your products sensitive nature and are we equipped to store it.  No worries. 

The DarkHorse Distribution advantage.  Because your product is sensitive you don’t want to trust it to just anyone.  Rather than wonder whether your product handled and packaged correctly.  We know how to handle, package, and deliver it so your customer is confident that they are getting it fresh or ultra-cold as it was intended.

The DarkHorse Product Listing is complete.  When a potential customer visits your listing they will get all the information that is required to make a buying decision immediately.  Dark Horse will help you by making the listing for you and we have enough space in the listing to display all  your products “Specifications” and selling “Features”.  With this information your customer can quickly determine if they want to buy your product.  You can also have multiple images (with ZOOM) of your product displayed in the listing so that the buyer can see exactly what they are buying.  All this makes it super easy for your customers to decide to buy your products immediately right on the spot . 

The DarkHorse Marketing service.  Well you might be thinking that we forgot about the marketing part of the equation.  Well you are dead wrong about that.  With us you can keep a working balance that is kept in a separate “Marketing Account” that we can use exclusively to market your products on our website.  Dark Horse Marketing will spend  75% of the money that you provide for Marketing directly promoting your products.  So for every $100 you spend on Marketing with us $75 will be spent on advertising your products directly.    What’s more, every three months you will receive from Dark Horse a “Quarterly Marketing Summary Report” that summarizes how successful our marketing  plan is working based on real sales results.  Then over-time, together we can refine our marketing strategy so we get the maximum sales impact from each dollar spent.  

So do you now understand how the DarkHorse Distribution system is flexible, scalable, and synergistic?  You decide how many products and the inventory levels to start with.   You have complete control.  It is all based on your customer’s demand, how much storage and distribution service you need.  Our system allows you to start-out with hardly any storage and build demand through marketing.  You can grow your business slowly however, DarkHorse can  virtually scale-up overnight when the demand hits.    The DarkHorse Distribution system is affordably priced because we use a fixed pricing model that is easy to understand.  You can easily figure out how much it will cost ahead of time without being surprised with an unexpected bill.  The entire Dark Horse Distribution System will make you money because each component of the system works synergistically together in order to maximize the impact thus increasing sales.  Because DarkHorse understands that if you aren’t making money with our services than you don’t need us.  And that is why you should ask yourself …”Are You A DarkHorse?”

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